1. Decommission an Exchange 2007 server now that we’ve moved all mailboxes into MS Office 365 Exchange Online. Azure AD Sync remains in place so that user accounts and passwords still sync from on-premise AD to Azure AD.
  2. Started the IT support and onboarding projects for the guys at swim! – swim.co.uk
  3. Quote for laptops and offsite DR services, general stuff
  4. Putting together a box of sweets for the guys at Custerian 🙂
  5. Taken delivery of new brochure folders, they look awesome, picture attached
  6. Job spec submitted to the Degree Apprenticeship scheme for our Cyber Security apprenticeship role
  7. Loads of general IT queries, one specifically between 2 orgs that both use MS Office 365, one of them uses Mimecast which was through a weird error which resolved itself after an hour or so.