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Have you been bogged down with slow starting computers?

Is your inbox filling up faster than the M25?

Perhaps your server has given up the ghost?

Spring is a great time to start afresh. Whether you want to sanitise your workstation or de-clutter unwanted files. Time to get the duster and mop out and give the cobwebs a good spring clean.

Our tech guardians have decided to show you the perfect tonic to give your IT system a boost just in time for the new season.

Sit down, relax, and explore how you can improve efficiency and productivity at your workplace with easy and practical steps.

Surrender the server

Let us introduce you to server virtualisation – the ability to run multiple virtual machines on a single physical server. It’s the way to go. Resources are maximised as risk is kicked into the long grass with the efficient and elegant use of servers, processors and operating systems. We work with state of the art tools like Microsoft Hyper-V,VMWare ESX and HP Enterprise StoreVirtual so your IT systems works better and cost you less.

Our team of experts have already worked on numerous server virtualisation projects for various organisations. Kick start your spring cleaning by adopting virtualisation.

Firewall fix

Make sure your Firewall is alive and active. The last thing any of us need is malware working its way through our systems. It’s easy to enable too. Microsoft users can simply go to Control Panel>Administrative Tools and make sure it’s ON.

Organise Files & Folders

Organising Files and Folders is an art. The ability to create a flawless system whereby every file is located in the relevant folder is priceless. Take time to organise the most important documents and at the same time get rid of anything old or unwanted. Good house keeping is good business.

Back up, Don’t F*** Up

Remember our post from last year? Backup should always be a priority. Ideally everything should be cloud storage. External drives are another option. There’s no excuse not to backup. Microsoft have made backup easy. Visit Control Panel, System and Maintenance, and select Backup and Restore.

Delete unwanted Files & Empty the Trash

We all delete files and then forget to empty the trash. Make sure unwanted files are deleted permanently so you free up more space for the future.

Uninstall unwanted software

You should form this habit regularly. Every so often take a look at the Programs icon on Control Panel and sift through any programs no longer necessary. Don’t horde, just click Uninstall and relieve your system from the wasted space on your hard drive.  A good rule of thumb? Dump the software you haven’t used in last six months.