How to use Active Directories on Apple MAC

Have you heard of the tech Golden Triangle? The Magic Triangle perhaps?

Neither a real triangle, really golden or really it will though let you use use Active Directory to manage user profiles on Apple Workstations. A very good thing indeed.  

In this article our tech guardians will give you a step by step guide to demonstrate how to integrate Windows Active Directory (AD) and Apple’s Open Directory (OD) into a single network that enables DNS and user authentication.

In other words, Apple Mac users can now access Active Directory to manage user profiles. Get the best of both worlds. Reduce costs. Save time. Share resources by integrating Macs into your existing Windows network.

In a world where many organisations have invested in Active Directory to manage users on Windows computers it makes perfect sense to integrate AD with the creative Apple Workstations so popular with the creative industries.

The deal

Imagine this. Active Directory is the father. The Open Directory is mother. The Mac workstations? You got it…they’re the children.

By that we mean AD and OD are connected together to allow users to sign in without any hiccups. And it means you can take consistent and clear control of those Mccs and their pesky creative users so keen to treat them as their own little private universes.

Here are the requirements:

  • Active Directory
  • Apple OS X Server
  • OS X workstation

To setup the Golden Triangle follow these steps:

  1. Windows server must be running the following ; Domain Name System (DNS) Active Directory Domains Services(ADDS)
  2. On your OS X workstation, Turn on Open Directory Service. Then you must configure Open Directory service settings.
  3. Once you setup a Standalone Directory service, you can connect to Active Directory.
  4. Set up Open Directory Master

To add Os WorkStation follow these steps:

  1. Open System Preferences
  2. Select Users & Groups
  3. Select Login Options
  4. To make changes click on Padlock
  5. You should get list of servers connected to computer
  6. Active Directory should load up on the list
  7. Select the Plus icon and enter IP address of Mac Server and click OK to add it.
  8. Click Trust to proceed
  9. Continue if you receive a prompt
  10. You should now have an Open Directory entry added to Active Directory
  11. Once you click done close the pane.
  12. Next to Network Account Server should state Multiple

Get? Got it? Good. That’s all it takes to complete the golden triangle configuration. Active Directory and Open Directory are now setup on the same workstation.

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