Regular readers of our blog will have noticed our infatuation with cloud computing solutions. The name of the game for the modern enterprise is to create a working environment where teams are connected in real time, security is paramount and work productivity is at maximum level.

It doesn’t matter what business you specialise in. Digital Creative, Financial Service or Modern Architects enterprises require tech foundations that are modern and up to speed to achieve outstanding results.

Clouds solutions therefore are a must have in our current day and age.

The modern workplace

Is cloud based! Work is done on the cloud. Documents are saved on the cloud. Communication is done over the cloud. Data is protected by the cloud. You simply cannot avoid the cloud. The cloud is where business operates in 2016.

Take Microsoft’s cloud solution Office 365. A business communication system built to allow your workforce to connect with simple applications. Applications that allow teams to engage, collaborate, and share ideas.

In today’s world it’s unrealistic to solely focus on physical proximity to get things done. You want to have the capabilities to set up meetings wherever, get instant and interactive feedback, share files over a secure server, and jump on to edit a document in real time.

Office 365 makes it all possible.

What about security

Don’t worry. It got that sorted too. Without secure working environments we might as well pack up and go home. The last thing any business want is for sensitive information and data to be exposed and be at the mercy of criminals. Put your trust in cloud security.

Advanced security and compliance are developed to stop cyber attacks occurring before they even start. Users and devices are automatically protected in the cloud from malicious malware and viruses. Office365 promotes the idea of people-centric security that deploys advance protection guards against any form of unwanted attacks.

Cloud solutions enhance enterprise security. With special teams deployed to fight cybercrime daily, it’s constantly evolving and staying one step ahead.

Think about

The all new Office 365. It’s built for the modern enterprise. To borrow a famous tagline from a different brand, it does exactly what it says on the tin. And more!  

Here at SaaSAge, we have expert IT support engineers who can transfer your business to the cloud without any hassle. You won’t even notice it happening. Overnight, your team will be connected and ready to communicate in a fast, secure, and reliable system.

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