Time Zone-Friendly IT Support for Your European Offices

Support your European staff more effectively and reduce the demand on your US teams with outsourced IT expertise.

Outsource your European IT Support with SaaSAge

With SaaSAge as your strategic IT partner, operating on GMT time, you’ll have faster response times and eliminate night-shift operating costs for your organization. It’s the no brainer way to minimise downtime and maximise productivity in your European offices while freeing up your central IT staff for bigger projects.

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Full IT support for your European offices… while you sleep

When you’re delivering IT support for a global organisation, you get pulled in every direction. But you can’t be everywhere at once, and naturally your priorities will align with head office and those locations in the US that operate on the same working hours as you.

And those European satellite offices? They’re often neglected. Or they require disproportionate resources – time and funds – to service effectively, because your IT team needs to work through the night to provide the appropriate support. When your staff start work on Central or Pacific time, European offices are closing.

So it makes solid business sense to outsource that night shift support. To partner with an expert IT managed services firm who can support the European side of your business during their operating hours, while your US team is sleeping.

The cost-effective way to deliver more efficient support

To service your European offices effectively – resolving IT issues quickly and effectively – you need to provide 24-hour support. But that’s costly. On-call engineers are expensive, and your staff forfeit productive day-time hours.

The result? Lower-than-ideal productivity.

But with SaaSAge’s UK-based IT experts, round-the-clock support doesn’t need to be expensive or time-consuming. In fact, we can support offices across the EU for a fraction of your night-shift operating costs.

For less than $2,000 a month.

Cut your departmental costs

Improve response times

Reduce overtime for your staff

Deliver a better service

A seamless extension of your US Team

As one of the UK’s leading IT managed services providers – and night shift partner to several US IT firms – our expertise is proven and assured.

We’re Microsoft 365 and Modern Workplace specialists. We’re Cisco and Meraki experts. We’re the European equivalent of your team. Same culture, same processes, same native language.

We think like you. We act like you.

Our team uses your tools and systems, exactly how your team would. We respond as you would, with immediate support to diagnose and fix. We answer emergency calls as you. We deliver reports as you. Our team solves problems as a seamless extension of your team.

Your team doesn’t need to worry about being on call. Your team doesn’t need to cover the night shift. Your team returns well-rested the next day to address any outstanding issues that didn’t need emergency attention.

Our team becomes your team for all your European IT support.

How to manage your department like EXAMPLE

“Our European support costs were spiralling, and those offices weren’t too happy with the level of service they were receiving. They had to wait hours for a response (until our IT department opened at 4pm their time. Then we only had an hour to resolve issues before their staff left for the day. It just wasn’t practical – until SaaSAge helped us transform our service offering.” EXAMPLE CLIENT

Emergency triage for critical European IT operations

Don’t run out of time to deal with urgent IT issues in your European offices. Don’t let vital technical requests from Europe wait for hours until your US staff get into work. Don’t pay over the odds for night-shift cover or emergency call-outs – when you don’t need to.

Just partner with SaaSAge.

We help you meet response times and keep European offices operating to maximum productivity.

We help you run more efficiently, and make sure your team is responsible for keeping EU offices operational at all times.

We resolve any critical IT issues and triage low-priority work for your staff to pick up when they start work in the morning.

And we do it all for one low, cost-effective price, with 15 hours of support for less than $2,000.

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With the right technology, the right advice, at the right time.

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