Transferring Outlook ToDo list for Google Apps Sync usersHere’s the scenario;

A Google Apps Sync (Outlook) user has a new PC, when you setup MS Outlook to sync with Google Apps the users ToDo list does not move across.

The ToDo list in Outlook is not a separate list, it is simply a view of Contact or Calendar items that have a ToDo flag against them. Because of this you cannot explicitly export ToDo items, but you can transfer the Contacts and Calendar items that the ToDo’s are connected to.

Here is how to resolve based on Outlook 2007, note you must have the original PST (Outlook datastore for this to work);

  1. From the old PC open MS Outlook and ensure it is fully sync’d with Google Apps (the green G in the system tray near the clock has stopped spinning).
  2. Again from the old PC gain an understanding what items within Outlook are generating the ToDo list;
    1. Double click each ToDo, if a Contact card appears it is Contacts. If an appointment appears it is the Calendar. You may have a mixture of both.
  3. Again from the old PC Export the items to a PST
    1. File > Import/Export > Export to a file > PST > Select either Contact or Calendar as appropriate from the step above. Note some users may have ToDo list populated by both sets Contacts and Calendars which means you will have to perform this export and import process twice
  4. Chose a place on your PC to store the exported PST
  5. Transfer the Exported PST to the new PC
  6. Ensuring your have an Exported PST that contains all of the users Contacts of Calendar…
  7. Login to Google Apps via the web browser
  8. Delete all of the users Contacts or Calendar entries
  9. On the new PC launch Outlook. The Contacts and Calendar list will be emptied by Google Apps Sync. This is correct
  10. Once the sync has completed reimport the PST that you have just exported
  11. File > Import / Export > Import from another program or File > PST >  select the PST file you saved > choose to import the file into the same folder > Finish
  12. The Contacts / calendar will be imported into MS Outlook and in turn Google Apps Sync will sync these Contacts and Calendar entries back up to Google Apps. You will also notice that ToDo list is now populated.

We are Google Apps experts in the U.K. if you have any questions or comments do drop us a line