2016 I.T. resolutions

A New Year, a new broom, a stack of new year resolutions. A great excuse to think about how best to move forward in the future. What should you focus on? What technologies to adopt? How to reduce costs?

Here are five areas that a lot of forward thinking businesses are focusing on to make their IT departments more efficient and productive in 2016.

  • Think cloud

The nature of business computing has seen a complete transformation within few short years. In particular storage. Gone are the days of storing sensitive data in big server rooms. Cloud technology means that now it’s easy to backup, store, and share files anywhere you want.

Microsoft’s recent release of Office 2016 is all about the cloud. They call it “Reinventing productivity and business processes”. Work is no longer a 9-5 sat at your office desk. Work is done anywhere at any time with any device. Work must be agile, flexible, and instant. It’s the cloud that makes all this possible.

  • Business building IT support

Once you’ve enjoyed high standard IT support, only high standard IT support will do. Businesses at the top of their game understand this. They know the IT support game has evolved. That’s why they set budget for things like cloud managed full disk encryption. Or server virtualisation that brings long term benefits like running a number of virtual machines on a single physical server.

Better IT support isn’t just better about coping with IT problems. It’s about running your business more efficiently , more profitably. Support that ultimately saves both time and money.

  • Save money

Yes, it’s possible – spending a little to save a lot. After all tech departments in their techie ways can be guilty for wasting money left right and centre on a wide variety of issues. From making unnecessary upgrades, to hiring full time IT specialists when short term contractors are sufficient. Cutting IT costs is achievable. It’s simply a case of knowing where to find the savings.

We’ve helped many a business do just that in the past. We can help you too. Our deep knowledge of the IT industry and deep understanding of common business challenges combining to provide effective solutions.

  • Team efficiency

Successful organisations are built upon the collective spirit. Team efficiently should therefore be priority No1. How can you achieve that? Simple. By equipping people with the tools they need to resolve problems quickly. Instant communication and collaboration tools for example. Tools that allow teams to simultaneously access documents, to make live changes, to communicate.

Tools like Google Docs. Or Microsoft Office 365.

  • Boost overall business performance

Successful business is a journey of continual improvement; of continual learning. And technology plays a tremendously important role in achieving that ongoing goal. A fundamental part of the business strategy and business growth it paves the way for an open and transparent environment where goals are set and benchmarks are measured.

It’s a journey that we’ve helped countless clients take – safely, securely and profitably.

Maybe that’s  why we’re Google’s most highly rated IT support provider in Manchester.

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