Cloud Backup Services ManchesterNearly ever data backup system available today will send you an email telling you if a backup ran and was successful or it failed for whatever reason. These Emails are usually generated from the server that is performing the backup.

Herein lies the problem.

What if the server that produces the Email alerts wasn’t available (offline or switched off) and the data backups weren’t running? Would you notice an Email that didn’t arrive among the hundreds that you receive every day? Would you only notice when you really needed to restore data only to find it hasn’t been backing up for some time?

The most important part of a modern robust data backup system is when it tells you that a backup that was expected did not happen, with no reliance on the server that performs the backup.

This type of alert Email is generated by a completely separate server away from your office who’s only job is to ensure a backup runs and tells you if it hasn’t. This type is alert is called a ‘Miss’. Different from a ‘Fail’ which is a backup that ran, but didn’t run successfully.

If you don’t know if you data backup system can perform to this level give us a call from a free backup review for your organisation.

And of course, our data backup system does perform at this level, we know the real-time status of every backup for our clients and handle anything that isn’t a ‘successful backup’ accordingly, every day.