Superfast Service WiFi Manchester

Here’s a question. When was the last time you had a rock solid, super fast WiFi connection? A WiFi connection you could trust? Put the mortgage on trust?

You know what it’s like. Running around the office laptop in hand, connection in the lap of the Gods as you hunt a reliable signal at the same time desperately trying to negotiate a make or break deal on Skype. Great. What a drag. And as the connection borks, for the nth time all that’s left is embarrassment and what might have beens. And a face redder than Mick Hucknall’s hair. Or face for that matter.

How jolly unprofessional. How jolly reputation damaging. How totally avoidable.

WiFi High Five

Time you got up to speed. Literally. Get fast, get instant, get reliable wireless. It’s very, very doable. Not only do we  do it. Your business deserves it.

Deserves a strong, constant signal. The  sort of strong, constant signal that we deliver megabyte in megabyte out to our many delighted clients.

How? Through an ingenious blend of bandwidth configuration and traffic shaping. Expert WiFi management that delivers speed, security, and WiFi coverage everywhere. On the roof. In the basement. Wherever you need it. WiFi that works.

Why? Because we use Ubiquity network products. Industry leading tech to route, secure, and manage your network from any windows server. Superfast, easy to access, easy to manage.

Easy for everyone. So whether you’re a media company smashing it in Salford Quays, legal firm in Manchester City centre or a manufacturer on an industrial estate in Ashton-Under-Lyne… we’ve got you covered.

Clean, crisp, consistent connectivity.

The Internet of Things – Say what?

And who said that WiFi is just for your laptop’s internet access? Sure it matters. It matters a lot. But the ‘internet of things’ has blown connectivity wide open. WiFi now has so many more uses beyond simple internet browsing. Now a whole world of physical objects or “things” embedded with electronics, software, and network connectivity, can be connected, data collected and information exchanged. Powerful stuff.

CCTV, access systems, public address, temperature and environment control, media access, VOIP, you name it – all of this fabulous new functionality now relying on high performance WiFi. Think of an application… we’ll help you apply it.

The future’s here. We’ll help you access it.

Smart technology for smart businesses from SaasAge.

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